Automate &
Outsource Your
Process Headaches

From software to cloud, from hardware or business process outsourcing (BPO), we'll scan and capture all of your documents, initiate workflows and enable instant access via document management.

Document Scanning Overview Video from ICS

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Document Scanning in Kentucky from ICS

Document Scanning & Capture

Scan, capture, classify, extract, and index information with your own in-house solution or outsource it to us. More >

Workflow Automation Software from ICS

Workflow Automation

Streamline and automate claims processing, new account on-boarding, invoices processing, and HR. More >

Document Management Software & Cloud from ICS

Document Management

Either software or cloud, experience instant access, version control and security over your info assets. More >

Dental Claims Assessment from ICS

Dental Claims Assessment

Click the link below for a free dental claims assessment to see how your current process can be improved. More >