Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing Expertise from ICS

Many different technologies can be used to improve invoice processing activities. In many cases, organizations attempt to assemble a solution using multiple software solutions, only to find they spend an inordinate amount of time getting one system to speak to another. When you combine software upgrades and advancing technology, finding a single code source for this solution makes it easier to support as your business needs change, and the software capabilities improve.

As a leading OpenText Captiva partner, ICS has broad experience in the design and implementation of an invoice processing solution. This includes:

  • Capture – Scanning and using OCR to extract information from the document, including header and line item information
  • Classification – Using the extracted information to automatically classify the document
  • Validation and Integration – Connecting the information extracted from the document to the accounting system (including SAP) to validate information and potentially process without any manual intervention
  • Exception management – Any image not meeting the business rules is sent to an exception management queue

Whether we perform the work at our facility, or provide the technology to do it at yours, we have the experience to make sure transitioning to a technology-based process is successful.

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