OpenText SharePoint Integration

Microsoft SharePoint Integration with OpenText ApplicationXtender

Microsoft SharePoint Integration with EMC ApplicationXtender from ICS

Many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to enable effective collaboration and ensure document accessibility. However, SharePoint is not necessarily the ideal solution for storing all document types.

For organizations with high document volumes and fixed document types, OpenText ApplicationXtender provides capabilities not available in a traditional SharePoint environment. ApplicationXtender combines the ease of use and complete document access provided by SharePoint with the strong document management and workflow capabilities found in ApplicationXtender, which now supports Microsoft SharePoint 2010.


  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 users can stay within their SharePoint interface and seamlessly access documents stored in ApplicationXtender
  • Simultaneously search both SharePoint and ApplicationXtender from the SharePoint interface
  • Move content from SharePoint to ApplicationXtender for workflow or archiving purposes
  • Move content from ApplicationXtender to SharePoint to facilitate collaboration

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